Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 week two round-up // #mmmay17

Me Made May 2017 – Week 2 roundup

Another week of Me Made May has flown by (you can check out my week 1 roundup here).  We’ve been lucky again with the weather and it has really warmed up….just not quite enough for me to lose the tights/leggings just yet!

Day 8

Holm Sown: True Bias Hudson Pant - Burgundy Cotton Jersey // front
The shop is shut on a Monday and I go to a yoga class in Carsphairn, so a relaxed day for me:

  • T-shirt – Sew  Over It Molly Top // blogged here
  • Sweater – Mc Calls 6992 in a lovely Liberty sweatshirt – not blogged
  • Trousers – True Bias Huson Pant // blogged here
  • Location – in the Church grounds at Carsphairn

Day 9

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day nine
I hadn’t thought to layer a shirt under this top until I saw someone else do it on Instagram – I really like how it looks.  The drop shoulder on this top makes it particularly comfortable:

Day 10

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day ten
First repeat item, my stripey Lark Tee.  This Camber tunic is probably my most worn handmade garment.  It gets worn nearly every week and can be layerd up or down depending on the weather.  I really must make myself another – I’d hate for this one to wear out 🙂

  • T-shirt – Grainline Studio Lark Tee // not blogged yet
  • Tunic / Dress – Merchant & Mills Camber Set // blogged here
  • Location – the building next to the shop has this mural on it – I felt pretty self conscious with my camera and remote on the main street.  In my hurry I’ve ended up in front of the boy’s paintbrush!

Day 11

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day eleven
Yes, I really should look more happy as I love this outfit combo 😉

Here is a bonus picture of the houses in Parton – they are so pretty.

http://www.theHolm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // Parton Village

Day 12

Holm Sown: McCalls M7407 by Melissa Watson - Swing Tee // fabric: retro ripple viscose jersey // side flare detail
Had my trusty Driftless on standby to layer when it was cooler:

  • Top – McCalls M7407 // blogged here
  • Cardigan (not seen) – Grainline Studio Driftless Cardigan // blogged here
  • Location – Threave Gardens & Estate – this photo was just taken in the grounds round the car park.  The proper gardens are well worth a visit.

Day 13

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day thirteen
First damp day of May today – who says it always rains in Scotland 😉


Day 14

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day fourteen
Finally got the buttons sewn on to this shirt – don’t know why I put it off so long:


Thoughts on week 2

I’m still struggling with separates; all my trousers are pretty much RTW.  My favourite outfits of the week were day 10 (Camber Dress in chambray) and day 13 (Laurel Dress & Victoria Blazer).  I feel really comfortable in this style of shift dress – smart enough for the shop and comfy enough to not feel restricted moving fabric around or going for a walk.  I definately need to add some more of these styles to my wardrobe.   Although it is a pain taking a photo every day I’m finding this a surprisingly useful exercise in getting a clearer idea of what styles I like to wear, and what I think suits me best.

I’ve been told I need to smile more but I find it difficult not to look totally goofy when I’m taking photos with the camera and a remote – it is so much easier to smile genuinely when a real person is behind the camera taking the photos!