Tilda Circus Collection 100% cotton quilting fabric - Holm Sown

The Tilda Circus Comes To Holm Sown

I’m going to jump right in and say how much I love Tilda fabric. I love the colour palettes that they use – subtle and soft without being washed out; the prints are that perfect balance of whimsical but still modern; and they seem to have a timeless quality to them. I’ve had some of…

Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt // four at a time half square triangles // quilt top

Pinwheel Quilt in Tilda Fabric

Rather shockingly I started planning this quilt in May 2013….yes, FOUR YEARS AGO!!!  It had been intended as a wedding gift for somebody but I started to have doubts about whether or not they’d like it, and then for whatever reason it got put away.  Fast forward to last year when I dug it out…

Tilda Sweetheart Nine Patch Quilt | Holm Sown

Tilda Sweetheart Nine Patch Quilt

As a follow up to my ‘Home is where the heart is quilt’, I wanted to show just how versatile a deconstructed nine patch quilt can be to inspire you for our new quilting evening class.   You might need to look closer to see that the pattern is the same, but that by using print…