Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine)

2018 Make Nine

I’ve had a big old clear out over the holidays (5 bin bags and counting!) so I thought it would be fun to join in with #2018MakeNine to try and fill some of the gaps in my me-made wardbrobe.


Easily the biggest gap in my handmade wardrobe is trousers.  Funnily enough I prefer to wear skirts and dresses with tights in the winter (I find this combo warmer), but in the summer I like trousers!  I’m planning to keep it classic with (a) skinny jeans – Closet Case Ginger Jeans, (b) tailored slim leg trousers – Closet Case Sasha Trousers, and (c) chinos – Cali Faye Hampshire Trouser.  I’ll be using the Closest Case blog post on pants fitting to help me out!

Closet Case Ginger Jeans // view B skinny // Holm Sown
Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers
Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Cali Faye Hampshire Trouser



I wear my Grainline Driftless cardigan a lot so I’d like some more longer-line cardigans with full length sleeves (most of my hand-knit cardigans are cropped and/or have shorter sleeves).  I’ve picked out McCalls M6996 and Butterick B6330.

Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - McCalls M6996 Cardigan
Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Butterick B6330 cardigan



I reach for my shirts far more than any of my woven tops or jersey tees so I’d like to add some shirtdresses to my wardrobe.  I don’t know, there is just something about the collar that I find more flattering on my that a round or scoop neck, and I feel a bit smarter in them for work without feeling out of my comfort zone.  There are so many great patterns to chose from and the commercial patterns (Vogue, McCalls and Butterick) have any option you can think of.  Since I planned these ones for last summer and I’ve got the fabric already pre-washed I’ll try and start with Butterick B6333 and the Sew Over It Penny Dress (#SOIPennyDress).

Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Butterick B6333 Shirtdress
Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Sew Over It Penny Dress



Apart from a couple of pairs of Kitchy Koo’s Barrie Briefs I really haven’t done any lingerie sewing at all.  I’ve been planning to try for some time but it always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the queue.  I’ve already got a bit of a stash of lingerie supplies and patterns, and the Beverly Johnson (Fairy Bra Mother!) Craftsy class (Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit) which uses the Pin Up Girls Classic Bra Pattern (I got the corresponding kit from Fit2Sew in the UK).

For knickers I think I’ll start with the free Megan Nielsen Acacia Briefs since I can practice with left over jersey pieces.  For bras, in addition to the PUG Classic I’ve got the Cloth Habit Harriet Bra and Watson Bra and Bikini Set.

Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Megan Nielsen Acacia Briefs
Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Cloth Habit Harriet Bra
Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Pin Up Girls Classic Bra


Unselfish Sewing

And lastly I’ve included an unselfish sewing project.  For my Dad’s 70th birthday he asked if I’d make him a casual tweed waistcoat.  I did start it but found the commercial patterns really lacking – the fit on them was so dated and not at all what I wanted.  Last year Thread Theory released the Belvedere Waistcoat pattern and did a full sew-along on their website so I’m hoping it will be a good intro to tailoring for me.

Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Thready Theory Belvedere Waistcoat

I’m pretty excited about all these projects.  I’m getting much better at sewing garments that I actually wear and fit with my lifestyle, and all of these will be great additions.  Hopefully you’ll cheer me on!

What about you – what sewing plans do you have for 2018?

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