Holm Sown is an unexpected gem specialising in fabric, sewing supplies and classes for the moder maker.  My vision is to provide creative inspiration and tution to encourage people to develop and sustain their sewing skills.  I believe that by slowing down and taking the time to be creative and make things, you’ll feel better and find a new sense of achievment.

I set up Holm Sown in 2015 in 222 King Street, a lovely bright and airy shop that used to be a savings bank.  Having taught myself to sew using mainly the internet for support, I wanted to provide a fun and welcoming venue where people where people who were interested in starting sewing, or looking to get back into it, could come and shop and learn.  Although my background in Mechanical Engineering isn’t directly applicable, I’ve found there are many interchangable skills!  After working for 10 years in renewable energy consultancy I wanted a change of pace and to start my own little sewing revolution in beautiful Dumfries & Galloway.

So if you are local and looking to give sewing a go, or simply visiting Castle Douglas and the surrounding area, I’d love for you to pop in and say Hi!  I always love to hear and see what people have been making.  If you are looking to get more social with your crafting then come along to our monthly Craft Club and meet some likeminded makers.