Audrey in Unst // Malabrigo Jupiter // Front // Holm Sown

Audrey in Unst – Malabrigo Jupiter

I’m really just sharing photos of this as I didn’t actually knit it! I asked my Mum to knit if for me for my birthday present last November and it has taken me this long to get a weather window to photograph it.

Audrey in Unst is a pattern from Gudrun Johnston that you can find on Ravelry.  Gudrun grew up on Shetland and which is where her inspiration for the Shetland Lace insert on the yoke comes from.  Audrey in Unst is a popular pattern amounst bloggers and you’ll find lots of versions of it on the web and on Ravelry.

Audrey in Unst // Malabrigo Jupiter // Back // Holm Sown

The yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo 100% Merino yarn in the Jupiter (049) colourway.  The Arroyo is a Sport weight yarn and I got mine from Love Knitting. I’m almost finished knitting a cardigan in Malabrigo myself and it is such a lovely yarn to work with, and the way it is kettle dyed gives a really interesting variagation to it. I wanted a dark red colour and the Jupiter was the closest match I could find.  I found Ravelry really useful to look at to see how the variatation in the yarn looked once it was knitted up.  Mum really enjoyed working with the yarn and didn’t find it split at all.

She knit the fifth size that has a finished bust of 38.5″ and added a couple of extra inches to the length of the body as I wanted it to end where the waistband on my trousers/skirts sit.  I really love how this yarn looks made up and the lace work of the pattern across the front is a really pretty design feature.

Audrey in Unst // Malabrigo Jupiter // Lace Detail // Holm Sown

The only thing that she didn’t like so much was the way the sleeve stitches were picked up from the body. I find that when I wear it the sleeve head puffs up in a slightly strange way. It sits fine if I pull the sleeve down, but as soon as I move my arms it rides up again.

Audrey in Unst // Malabrigo Jupiter // Rib // Holm Sown

The Malabrigo is gorgeous to wear – very soft and nice and warm. I’m so pleased she knit this for me as I’m such a slow knitter and already have a number of knitting WIP’s!

The Malbrigo yarn is expensive because it is merino.  However, as with fabric I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for.  I’m realy pleased with the finished cardigan and delighted she knitted if for me.

Total project cost: £52.50

Malabrigo Arroyo Jupiter – 4 skeins (400g): £47.80 (Edit: I had 75g of yarn left over which means the cardigan used £39 of yarn)

Audry in Unst pattern: approx. £5.00

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  1. It’s gorgeous but amazing how expensive it is to make, but one has to remember that it would be much more to buy x

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