Katie's Bow Tie Quilt // Front // Holm Sown

Bow Tie Quilt

I’m delighted to have Katie from Verily Vintage guest on the blog today showing us her Bow Tie Quilt (you can find her on Instagram and Facebook).  She lives close to the shop and pops in for fabric and a chat often and it is always fun to hear what she has on the go!  I’ve just started a monthly Craft Club and for our January meeting Katie brought along her ‘bow tie’ scrappy quilt to hand sew the binding on.  The colours were so lovely together, and the quilt looked just perfect for snuggling up under with this cold snap.  Anyway, over to Katie to tells us more about it…

Kaite's Bow Tie Quilt // Blocks // Holm Sown

My stash of scraps has been overflowing of late, and before I pass them on, I wanted to incorporate some of them in to a quilt, especially the extra special Liberty of London ones! I’ve been wanting to make a grey and pink quilt for a while; perhaps I’m reminiscing about that ‘Dash’ tracksuit I sported in the 1980s!

Anyway, this is quite an easy quilt to make and would suit a beginner. If you’d like to make one, here’s how:


  • Background fabric (I used an Ikea King-sized flat sheet for a double quilt)
  • Scraps of your choice cut roughly in to triangles. Or you can cut squares between 1.5″ to 3″ square and then cut them in half diagonally.  If you are anxious about choosing colours, you could try using a scrap pack.
  • Fabric for the quilt back
  • For the binding – around 0.5m of quilting fabric
  • Wadding
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Quilters square (6.5” x 6.5”)
  • Iron


  • Cut 6” squares from your background fabric. I cut 168 squares for this double quilt (not all in one go!)
  • In two diagonally opposite corners of each square sew your scraps on to the background fabric right sides together with 1/4” seam, like so (a 1/4” presser foot comes in really handy for this):

Katies_Bow_Tie_quilt_sewing triangles

  • Press sewn on scraps away from the main square so that it reaches out to the corner. Cut the square back to 6”. Repeat!
  • Sew two squares together and press the seam open
  • Sew these two squares to another joined two squares and press seam open, so that you have a ‘four-patch’ square
  • Sew the four-patch squares together to make a row, and then sew the rows together. The assembled quilt top will be 12 x 14 squares
  • Baste backing fabric, wadding and quilt top together, and quilt as desired
  • Bind the quilt

So, it’s quite a quick make, and as long as you re-size each square back to 6” after sewing the scraps on, it should be reasonably accurate. Don’t cut the solid centre squares on the bias as this might mean that the squares stretch out of shape.

I bought some beautiful fabric from Holm Sown for the backing. It’s called Floral Lines from the London Calling 5 range. I’d been coveting it for a while!

Katie's Bow Tie Quilt // Back // Holm Sown

Lessons learned:

Don’t skimp on solids! I bought a sheet from Ikea for £11 thinking I would make a quick, cheap, scrappy quilt. Yes, it was a relatively speedy quilt to make but I still spent a couple of weeks making it, and now although I do like the quilt very much, it doesn’t have the finish I would like. Buy nice quilting cotton instead!