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How to clean your sewing machine // Holm Sown

How to clean your sewing machine

Have you ever cleaned your sewing machine?  Go on, be honest.  I hold my hand up and I have to confess that until last Sunday I had never cleaned mine!  I’m not sure why the notion took me but I’m glad it did, because boy did I get a good haul of lint out of […]

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How to quilt fabric // Quilted Zipped Bag // Holm Sown

Tutorial: How to quilt fabric

I love the effect quilting gives to fabric.  It adds such a lovely dimension, both visually and texturally, and can make your handmade items looks really special.  It is a step you need to do right at the beginning of your project before you start any construction.  You can then simply follow your chosen pattern […]

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A beginners guide to interfacing

If you are new to sewing and have started to venture into dressmaking patterns, you might have noticed that something called ‘interfacing’ is often stated as a requirement.  It is tempting when starting out to just ignore any references to interfacing, however, once you understand what interfacing is, and how it works, you should find […]

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