Crossbody Gatherer Bag // Rain Walk Ripple Canvas // Holm Sown

Crossbody Gatherer Bag

Another one of my Christmas makes today – the Crossbody Gatherer Bag.  This is a free pattern designed by the talented Anna Graham of Noodle-head, for Robert Kaufman.  You can get the pattern here – all you need to do is print out a few pages and you’re ready to go!

Crossbody Gatherer Bag // Rain Walk fabrics // Holm Sown

Since this bag was for my Mum and she has been eyeing up the Caravan Tote I made for our up-coming class, I thought I’d use the same fabric for the outside – Rain Walk Ripple Navy which is a soft light-weight canvas.  For the lining I mainly used Reflect Pink and a small piece of Tumble Gold for the internal patch pocket.  All of these fabrics are from Anna Grahams Rain Walk collection of fabric for Cloud 9.

Crossbody Gatherer Bag // Rain Walk fabrics // Inside // Holm Sown

I made the piping using thin piping cord and some light grey pre-made bias tape.  I didn’t want anything too bold, but I think the piping really finishes the bag off nicely.  Rather than the leather strap closure in the pattern, I used a small magnetic clasp since this is what I had to hand.  You just need to remember to fit the magnets as you go.  For reference, the clasp on the front pocket is located 5.5cm below the top edge of the pocket; and the clasp on the inside of the flap is located 2.5cm from the bottom edge of the flap.

Crossbody Gatherer Bag // Front Pocket // Holm Sown

The darts on the bag are a really nice touch and give the bag a good shape.  The finished bag is a good size for when you just want to carry your essentials.  If I make this again (for myself!) I’d prefer to get a leather over the shoulder strap.  I’m not totally sold on the self-fabric version.  The other change I might make is to re-draft the flap so it is wider – just to keep any contents more secure, and more imporantly dry!

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