January Sewing Plans

So this year I thought it would be fun to share my monthly sewing plans with you.  My aim is to do a post at the beginning of each month laying out what I hope to sew.  I’m hoping that this will help me think more about what I actually need so that I end up sewing items that coordinate with existing items, fit immediate gaps in my wardrobe, and are seasonally appropriate!  No more orphan garments for me!

Since I’ve got lots of other things in the background like sewing samples for the shop and the classes, and quilting projects, I’ve decided to try for 3-4 projects per month, and one of these will be a free pattern.  Now I write it down it seems quite ambitious so there may be months I don’t quite acheive this!

January Projects

So I’m kicking off with the things that I really need right now in my me-made wardrobe.  I’ve pretty much given up buying clothes and try to replace items with handmades as they wear out.  Jeans / trousers and underwear are the last boxes for me to tick as I mentioned in my #2018makenine post; in fact, all of these items are on my #2018makenine list.

Holm Sown Online Fabric Shop - January Sewing Plans Fabric and Pattern Haul - #2018makenine

Project #1 – McCalls M6996 Cardigan

I picked this pattern after seeing the many great versions @soisewedthis has made on Instragram.  I’m going to make version C which has the additional neckband (as per the picture) and I’m going to use our Navy Ponte Roma.  This ponte roma is such a lovely quality and comes in a good range of colours.  If I like the cardi then I’d also like to make on with the Rose Pink.

Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - McCalls M6996 Cardigan
Ponte Roma Fabric // Navy Blue // Holm Sown

Project #2 – Megan Nielsen Acacia Briefs (free pattern)

I’m going to be shopping my stash for this one.  I’ve got plenty of pieces of left-over jesery scraps from past t-shirt projects and I’ve got some lingerie elastic already.

Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Megan Nielsen Acacia Briefs

Project #3 – Cloth Habit Harriet Bra

I’ve had the Harriet Bra pattern since February last year and I’ve got a few bra kits that I’ll use for practice.  I also have her Waston pattern but realistically, a supportive under-wired bra is what I wear day-to-day so the Watson will have to wait.  Although, I am hoping to use the brief pattern that comes with the Watson sooner.

Holm Sown - 2018 Make Nine (#2018makenine) - Cloth Habit Harriet Bra

Project #4 – Closet Case Ginger Jeans

The Ginger Jeans I’ve put last since these are probably the biggest project of the month.  I’ve got the stretch denim already pre-washed….

Closet Case Ginger Jeans // pattern envelope front // Holm Sown
Holm Sown Online Fabric Shop - Indigo Stretch Denim dressmaking fabric

I have a sneaky confession – I’ve already sewn up some Acacia briefs between drafting and publishing this post, so fingers crossed I can sew up the rest!

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