Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 raglan sleeve shirt - front detail

McCalls 7472 raglan sleeve shirt – Finchley Moonlight Lawn

Surprise, surprise, I’m back with another shirt making post today!  One of my main fitting *challenges* is through my upper back, especially when I reach forward.  Buying or sewing clothes with sleeves that give me enough reach can be difficult.  It is one of the reasons I like to make sleeveless tops as I can easily layer them up.  However, I’ve seen a number of really cute shirts recently with raglan / grown-on sleeves so I picked up McCalls M7472 to try.

Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 raglan sleeve shirt - back view

The pattern

McCalls M7472 is another great value shirt pattern.  In the envelope you get five styles which are all based on the same raglan button up shirt, but come with pockets, different hem lengths and the option of sleeves.   The sizes are across two envelopes, 6-14 and 14-22.  I made a size 14 and sewed up view B which is the hip length shirt, however, I also added the collar from the other views.

Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 Raglan Sleeve Shirt Sewing PatternThe fabric

OMG  this fabric is just so beautiful I don’t think photos can really do it justice – it is Finchley Moonlight Brushed Cotton Twill and can be found in the shop.  The delicate bird and floral print and the soft tones on a really lovely greeny/blue background are just a perfect combination!  It is brushed cotton twill lawn; the fabric is light, soft and drapey.

Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 raglan sleeve shirt - Finchley Moonlight Brushed Cotton Twill Marine Blue


I changed two things in relation to sewing.  Firstly the sleeves – the instructions have you sew the raglan sleeve in and then hem it.  Based on a review I read I decided to do this in reverse – hem the sleeve first and then sew it in.  The sleeve has a dart from the neckline to the shoulder which gives it a really nice shape (I’ve come across this on McCalls sweater pattern M6992 but never on anything else).  Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 raglan sleeve shirt - sleeve dart close up

Secondly the curved hem – I sewed the side seam an extra 1″ or sew further than the dot just so that the curve hem at the side seam didn’t come up too high.

Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 raglan sleeve shirt - curved hem detail

My only reservation with this shirt is the shape of the collar piece.  I noticed it was quite different when I was cutting out but went with it anyway.  Now that it is finished and I’ve worn it a few times, I’m not sure I like it.  I find that it just won’t sit quite right in that it won’t fold nicely.  Instead it wants to stay flat and sort of fan out round my neck (if that makes sense!).  If I make this shirt again I’d consider using a more standard collar piece.

Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 raglan sleeve shirt - collar comparison

Holm Sown: McCalls M7472 raglan sleeve shirt - collar detail

The buttons are mother-of-pearl and I think complement the fabric perfectly.


The fabric really makes this shirt for me.  It is a great project to showcase a special fabric.  Next time I’d swap out the collar piece and consider going up to a size 16 lower down as it is a little snug on the hips/bum.  Other than that I’d totally recommend this pattern and I’ll definately be keeping it in my stash for future use.

Total cost: £31.64

Fabric: 1.4m Finchley Moonlight @ £14.50/m = £20.30

Pattern: McCalls M7472 = £8.75

Buttons: 13 @ £0.06 = £0.84

Notions: Thread & interfacing = £1.75

The trousers I’m wearing are Sew Over It – Ultimate Trousers sewn in our Stretch Cotton Sateen – Black.  I haven’t blogged them & not sure I’ll get round to it!  These are a size 12 with 4″ added to the length.  I cut two sets of the waist facing as sewed them on as a waistband instead.



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