Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 week five round-up // #mmmay17

Me Made May 2017 – week 5 roundup

And we are done!  I’m so pleased to have taken part in Me Made May again this year and I feel I’ve got a lot more out of it than I did last year.  A short week with just three days… You can check out my week 1 roundup here, week 2 here, week 3 here, and week 4 here).

Day 29

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day twenty-nine
Bank Holiday Monday & Spring Fling weekend so I opened up the shop:


Day 30

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day thirty
Another outing for my red cropped sweater – who knew a red top would coordinate with so many things 😉

  • Top – cropped Lady Skater sweater // blogged here
  • Dress – out of print Lisette for Simplicity 2209 in London Calling Lawn // not blogged
  • Location – Mum’s garden


Day 31

Holm Sown: Me Made May 17 // #mmmay17 // day thirty-one
I thought it was only right to end May as I began – with my lovely birdy shirt:

  • Shirt – McCalls 7472 raglan sleeve shirt // blogged here
  • Location – on the way home with the lovely Rhins of Kells behind me


Thoughts on week 5

I’ve enjoyed this way more than I thought I would.  It has given me a good kick up the butt to get on and blog a lot of the things I sewed earlier in the year, and it has made me realise that taking photos of myself isn’t the end of the world!  So a definite resolution moving forward is to blog my projects much quicker and more frequently.

Clothing-wise I’ve realised:

  • How much I like wearing shirts (shame they are one of the more time consuming things to make!)
  • Strong colours look better on me
  • I need more cropped sweaters to wear with shirts and over dresses
  • I’d like some more dresses to wear

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my handmade wardrobe and hopefully you are inspired to maybe try making something yourself.  Don’t forget to check out the #mmmay17 tag on Instagram to see everyone elses wonderful handmade clothes.