Holm Sown: One Scoop or Two? - A Trip Around The World Quilt // front

One Scoop Or Two? – Trip Around The World Quilt

I’ve been busy, busy, busy with my pedal to the metal trying to get the samples for the upcoming sewing classes finished.  My Janome CXL 301 has been a real trooper and is just steaming through whatever it gets given.  I’ve decided to include this Trip Around The World Quilt top as one of the new patwork & quilting classes as it is a great starter quilt and there is a neat technique to help speed up sewing all those squares together.

In the past I’ve done quilts as 5 or 6 week evening classes, however, this ties up a lot of available class time for only a few people.  This year I’ve decided to try teaching different techniques and designs as shorter classes and let people finish off their projects outside of class.  If you are a complete beginner and not sure how to finish a quilt by quilting and binding, don’t worry, there will be an intensive quilt finishing workshop just for you!

So why have I named this quilt One Scoop or Two?  Once I started sewing it together I couldn’t get the picture of an ice-cream counter with all the different coloured tubs of ice-cream out of my mind.  We’ve got strawberry, raspberry, pistachio, mint, blackcurrant…you get the idea!  I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone a bit with the fabric combinations for this but I really like how it has turned out.  This is such a fun and cheery lap sized quilt that would be great over the back of a sofa; on hand to snuggle under watching the TV.

Holm Sown: One Scoop or Two? - A Trip Around The World Quilt // front folded

I started with the multi-coloured Art Gallery Succulence – Arboretum Inspirit print by Bonnie Christine and picked coordinating colours from there.  I’ve used the following seven fabrics:

The quilt was pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50wt thread colour #2423 which I got in my goodie bag from last years Stitch Gathering in Edinburgh.  It happens to be the perfect coordinating shade of pink with the Kona solid which was very fortuitous.  I kept the quilting simple and did straight line quilting through alternate diagonal lines.

Holm Sown: One Scoop or Two? - A Trip Around The World Quilt // pieced back detail

Holm Sown: One Scoop or Two? - A Trip Around The World Quilt // machine sewn binding

I am feeling quite smug about my thriftiness with this quilt.  I literally had the merest scraps of selvedge left over after I pieced together any remaining squares to add to the width of the backing.  I also pieced together three pieces of Hobbs 80/20 wadding left over from other projects.  To do this I squared off the adjacent edges of wadding, butt them up against each other, and then sewed down the seam with the widest width zig-zag.  It worked a treat and it felt so good to be able to tidy up some of those lingering scraps!  A zero waste quilt 😉

The finished quilt measures 53″ x 53″.

This workshop will be suitable for competent beginners and will be a 6 hour class (most likely split as two 3 hour sessions).   You’ll learn how to use a rotary cutter and quilting rulers, and strip piece fabric for speedy sewing.