Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt // four at a time half square triangles // quilt top

Pinwheel Quilt in Tilda Fabric

Rather shockingly I started planning this quilt in May 2013….yes, FOUR YEARS AGO!!!  It had been intended as a wedding gift for somebody but I started to have doubts about whether or not they’d like it, and then for whatever reason it got put away.  Fast forward to last year when I dug it out and found that past-me had been thoughtful enough to pin all the rows together which made sewing the top a breeze (high five to past-me!).  And then I finally got round to finishing it up this year and I’m so glad that I did because I absolutely love it.  Perhaps I secretly just really wanted to keep it for myself all along!

Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt //

The pattern

I didn’t work from any pattern.  The half square triangles were made using the four-at-a-time method (you can find a great tutorial here by Blossom Heart Quilts).  Based on the dimensions I’ve ended up with (which are a little variable…) I think I started with 9.5″ squares.  The HST’s were arranged so that each four blocks made a pinwheel quilt design.

Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt // pinwheel block

The finished quilt is around 62″ x 62″ and just sits nicely on top of a double bed.

The fabric

All the fabric is by Tilda.  I’m not sure what ranges they belong to because they aren’t listed on my invoice.  I bought 10 quarters of prints and 1m of solid white cotton. Although some of the prints are more blue-green and others more yellow-green I think it all comes together OK.

The quilt is backed with Art Gallery Pure Elements solid green.  I’ve moved to stocking Kona Solids in the shop and I was keen to use a green rather than a pink for the backing just to tone it down a bit.  The binding is Liberty of London Tana Lawn and the print is Tom Daley.  I have a lot of Liberty in my stash and this hot pink just seemed the perfect colour to make the quilt top pop and bring it all together.

Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt // straight line quilting detail

Wadding is Hobbs Premium 80/20.  The quilt was pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50wt thread.


Honestly this quilt has been sewn in such a haphazard way I’m not sure I can remember much about sewing it together!  All I know is that the 4 at a time method for the half square triangles means you end up with bias edges on your HST blocks which I don’t think is ideal.  The Tilda solid white fabric seemed to have a looser weave which meant that I had to handle it really carefully not to stretch those edges out.  To be honest, I’m not sure I’d do this method again or use the Tilda solid.

Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt // quilting detail

Quilting and Binding

I was keen to get this quilt finished and decided to go with simple straight line quilting along the diagonal pinwheel seams.  I moved the needle as far to the left or right (depending on which side of the seam I was quilting) and sewed with the edge of my walking foot on the seam.  I really like how the quilting has turned out, and how it looks on both the front and back.  I’m ~just~ within the recommended spacing for the wadding I used and it gives the quilt a lovely soft, squishy feel.

My preferred method now is to machine sew the binding onto quilts.  I start by sewing it on to the back of the quilt first, and then flip it to the front and edge-stitch it in place.  I like how it looks; I think it is more durable; and mainly I love it because it gets the job done quickly!

Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt // four at a time half square triangles // machine sewn binding in Liberty Lawn Tom Daley

The Verdict

This is the first quilt I’ve made that I’ve kept for myself.  It is now residing on my bed and I love how bright and fresh it looks.  Good things do indeed come to those that wait!

Holm Sown: Tilda Pinwheel Quilt // on double bed