Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out how any personal data you may provide us with, either online or in person, is collected and securely stored.

Types of data

The following are types of data we may ask you to provide when you shop online with us, book on to a workshop, or make a purchase in our shop.  Most data is provided directly by users, but our website also collects data based on your browsing history and activity.

  • Your name
  • Your contact details – this may include your postal address, email address and your phone number
  • Information you provide when you sign up to our newsletter
  • Cookies – these are small packets of information that our website collects based on your browsing activity
  • Payment details – no payment details are stored by us.  All transactions are handled by third party providers.

Where data is collected

Online purchases

Our website is a WordPress site with a WooCommerce shop.  When you make a purchase with us you will be asked to provide your name, billing address, shipping address and contact email.  You can also provide a contact phone number which we may use to get in touch with you if there are any problems with your order.  Your personal details are stored securely by our hosting providers.  Payment are processed by PayPal and we do not save any payment infomation.  These data allow us to process and ship your order.

When you complete your transaction over the phone, your name, billing address, shipping address and contact email will be used to create an online order form.  Your card details that you provide over the phone are keyed directly into the payment terminal and no written record of them is made.

Orders weighing over 2kg are shipped using couriers.  In order to ship your order it is necessary for us to enter your shipping details onto their website.  We also provide them with your email address so that you can be notified when your parcel is scheduled for delivery, and to allow you to make changes to the delivery for your convenience.  We typically use Hermes, but may use other reputable companies to get the most competitive shipping rate for the specific destination.

Ebay purchases

We also sell on Ebay.  Ebay will collect your information to process your order such as: your name, billing address, shipping address and contact email.  Payment will be handled by PayPal.

When you contact us

Your name and email address will be collected if you email us via our Contact Form on our website.  We also receive your email address, billing addressand shipping address when you complete an online transation, whether it be for a product or a class.  Your email address will be saved on our email service providers server.

Browsing activity

When you visit our website, your activity on the site is collected in Cookies and monitored and reported using Google Analytics.  This data is useful to us in allowing us to analyse what parts of the website are visited, and to make improvements to our website.  Other than the specific information that you do provide us with, we do not access any other data that the Cookies collect.

When you sign up to our newsletter

We use Mailchimp to send out our newsletters.  You volutarily provide your contact information when you sign up to our newsletter, or you chose to receive it as part of our online checkout process.  We only look to collect the minimum data that allows us to keep you informed on shop news, classes & workshops, and promotions.  Location data may be used to tailor our correspondence based on whether or not it is relevant to you.

In person enquiry

Sometimes we may ask for any of the following in the shop: your name, contact phone number, email address, and shipping address.  This is usually when you have asked to be sent follow-up information relating to up-coming classes & workshop or products coming into stock.  You may also be asked to provide this information when we offer to post out an item that was out of stock. This data may be passed on to our suppliers if an item is to be shipped directly from them (e.g. purchase of a sewing machine or an out of stock sewing pattern).

What we do with the data we collect

We use the information collected for the following:

  • Process and ship online orders
  • Keep records for classes and workshops
  • Inform our buying decisions and to improve our products and services
  • Keep you up to date with news and information that we think you will find interesting and relevant

Data storage

The protection of your personal information is important to us and we want to be clear on how it is handled and stored.  Only the necessary data is collected where relevant.  We do not seek to use your personal information for any action other that what it was intently provided for.  We will never pass on, or supply your personal details to third parties for purposes out with the essential delivery of our products and services.

Data is only accessible to the relevant personnel and all electronic storage is password protected.  Any physical records, such as merchant services receipts, are kept for the minimum period necessary to conform with our accounting requirements.


Sometimes we take photographs during classes and workshop which we like to share on our website and social media outlets.  We endeavour to ask permission before taking photographs, and before we share any images.  If you would rather not be photographed, or if we ever publish a photo that you would not like to be made public, then let us know and we will not include you in photos and will remove any images that contain you.

We also like to share images of things our customers have made with purchases from our shop.  We will always seek permission todirectly share any image onto our own social media channels.  However, some social media sites now allow images to be grouped and displayed based on the tags that they have been given, so you may wish to consider what tags you use on any images you post to social media should you not want those images to be potentially displayed elsewhere.  You retain all copyright to any images you post.

Data requests

You are entitled to request any data records pertaining to you, and you may request this data from us at any time.  Should you feel that any data records are incorrect or incomplete, or you would like them to be erased, then please let us know and we will update your records.

We will never supply your data and information to third parties.


If you have any questions or queries relating to this privacy policy then please get in touch with us.  Enquiries should be directed to: Holm Sown, 222 King Street, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, DG7 1DS, or you can email us at: