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Fuse-Under Stretch Tape, also known as Wonder-Under, is a super light-weight tape that can be used to create a temporary hold with stretch fabrics.

Uses: This tape is extremely useful for providing hold when turning under a neckline, pressing up a hem, or attaching patch pockets to jersey fabric.  The tape stretches with the fabric and remains flexible after fusing.  It won’t gum your sewing machine needle, and can help provide some stability to lighter-weight jerseys when hemming – especially when using a twin-needle.

Because the tape is paper-backed it is firm enough to cut the width of the tape to size if necessary.  This product is similar to Heat n’ Bond Soft Stretch Tape.

Tape width: 5/8″ / 1.5cm

Roll length: 20yds / 18.3m

100% Polyurethane | Acid free | Sewing machine safe | Machine wash warm | Tumble dry low | Dry cleanable

How to use:

  1. Cut tape to required length
  2. Lay tape with paper-back side face up on the wrong-side of the fabric
  3. Using a medium heat iron, iron in place
  4. Leave to cool and then peel off paper-backing tape
  5. Fold up hem, or place pocker or applique shape
  6. Press again to stick
  7. Sew in place as required

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