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Finish of your knitting or crochet project with this very special alpaca fur pom pom.  Made with 100% Peruvian Alpaca fur, these pom poms are so soft and fluffy.  Please chose your colour from the available options.

Size: the pom poms measure approximately 10-12cm in diameter.  As these are made with fur there will be variation between pom poms in terms of colour and the texture of the fibres.

Price is per pom pom.

TOFT source these pom poms from indigenous farmers in Peru.  They are made from the skins of young alpacas which have unfortunately died through natural causes.  They feel that, when sourced in this way, the pom poms are an ethical fur product as the alpacas are not harmed to any demand and the farmer gets a monetary return on the loss of income cause by the death of one of the herd.

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White / Neutral, Grey, Brown, Black

TOFT colour

Cream, Stone, Silver, Charcoal, Black, Cocoa


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