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Holm Sown: Pattern Hack - Kitschy Koo Lady Skater Cropped Sweater in Lillestoff Red Cotton Jersey

Pattern Hack: Lady Skater Cropped Sweater

My knitting is fairly sporadic and v-e-r-y slow! I’ve got a few knitted cropped cardigans but I’ve been wanting a cropped sweater for a while since I find that cardigans always gape and never seem to sit nicely down the button band.  After seeing Sew Manju’s recent pattern hack I was inspired to give it […]

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Lady Skater // Flowers n Dots jersey // Holm Sown

Lady Skater Dress – versions 1 & 2

I started the first of my Lady Skater dresses last December and then did my usual thing of tossing it to languish in my sewing room with just the hem to do. Leaving things with just the hem to do has become a bad habit of mine, but one that I am really trying hard […]

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