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Sewn at Holm Sown - Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts 6-week patchwork & quilting workshop | Holm Sown

Sewn at Holm Sown: Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts

This is the second year I’ve run a 6-week evening quilting class.  Over the 6 weeks participants will start and finish a quilt which is a such an amazing achievement.  Depending on how big a quilt they chose to make, and how quickly they sew during the classes, they often do a bit of sewing […]

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Tilda Sweetheart Nine Patch Quilt | Holm Sown

Tilda Sweetheart Nine Patch Quilt

As a follow up to my ‘Home is where the heart is quilt’, I wanted to show just how versatile a deconstructed nine patch quilt can be to inspire you for our new quilting evening class.   You might need to look closer to see that the pattern is the same, but that by using print […]

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Home is where the heart is nine patch quilt | gable end | Holm Sown

Home Is Where The Heart Is Quilt

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe it is November already? I’ve got lots of classes planned for 2017 and the quilt I’m sharing today I’ve made as a sample for one of them (dates will be available soon – promise!). The basis of this quilt is a classic, and very versatile, nine patch block. This is […]

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