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Noodle-head Divided Basket - Millie Fleur Line Drawings Canvas | filled | Holm Sown

Noodle-head Divided Basket – Millie Fleur Canvas

I’m a big fan of Anna Graham’s (AKA Noodle-head) patterns.  They are designed and written in such a way that you really do get the best possible finish which I really love.  This is the Divided Basket which is available as a PDF on her website and is rated for an advanced beginner.  This is […]

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Crossbody Gatherer Bag // Rain Walk Ripple Canvas // Holm Sown

Crossbody Gatherer Bag

Another one of my Christmas makes today – the Crossbody Gatherer Bag.  This is a free pattern designed by the talented Anna Graham of Noodle-head, for Robert Kaufman.  You can get the pattern here – all you need to do is print out a few pages and you’re ready to go! Since this bag was […]

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Rain Walk by Anna Graham now in stock

You might have come across Anna Graham by her alias ‘Noodlehead’.  She has a fantastic eye for modern fabric and colour compositions which she uses to create the most amazing bags and other crafty items. Rain Walk is a collection inspired by family walks and gathering bits of nature along the way. It is a […]

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