Holm Sown: True Bias Hudson Pant - Burgundy Cotton Jersey // front

My perfect yoga trousers: the True Bias Hudson Pants

I started going to a weekly yoga class just before Christmas and after a couple of sessions wearing leggings, I was keen to make something a little less clingy, but still super comfortable.  My main critera were:

  • Slim fitting but not skin tight
  • Ankle cuff to stop the legs falling down when my legs were in the air
  • Smooth at the waist to make them comfy to lie down in
  • Stretchy enough to facilitate the yoga poses
  • Legit enough to wear to and from class and run errands in

The pattern

I’ve seen so many great versions of the Hudson Pants pop up since Kelli of True Bias released the pattern (she also a mini / kiddie version which is totally adorable!).  Not wanting a classic gym legging, the Hudson’s seemed to tick all the boxes.  The pattern offers two lengths and Kelli gives suggestions on her website for fabrics and how to make them out of a woven fabric as well which I might yet try.

Holm Sown: True Bias Hudson Pant Sewing Pattern Line Drawing

Looking at other people’s versions it looked like the Hudson Pants would be quite a slim fitting trouser, especially through the leg.  Since I wasn’t after something too tight I opted for the size 12 which is just a smidge above my body measurements.

The pattern is drafted for someone 5’5″ and with a 28″ inside leg seam.  I wanted to make sure these were plenty long enough so I added 4″ to the leg length.  I added this at the cutting line for the cropped version and then blended the inner and outer leg seams to match the lower portion.

The fabric

Since these are really my tester version I didn’t want to use anything too fancy for them in case they didn’t work out / I didn’t like the style on me.  I used some of our solid coloured Cotton Jersey with added spandex to make sure they would be nice and stretchy, but also to make sure they’d snap back into shape and not look all sad and baggy after I’d worn them.  If you are working to the pattern then you really want to use a jersey / knit with good stretch.

Holm Sown: True Bias Hudson Pant - Burgundy Cotton Jersey // back detail


Kelli’s instructions are absolutely brilliant and I can’t fault them.  To keep the waistband as smooth as possible I left off the eyelets, cord tie, and top-stitching over the elastic.  The elastic I used from the shop is nice and stable and there is no chance of it twisting in the casing.  I really like the way the pocket is finished – it wasn’t a method I’d done before.

Holm Sown: True Bias Hudson Pant - Burgundy Cotton Jersey // waistband detail

Holm Sown: True Bias Hudson Pant - Burgundy Cotton Jersey // pocket detail

The legs are nice and long.  I can turn up the ankle cuff if needed but I quite like the slightly slouchy look.  The ankle cuff keeps the leg nice and secure so I haven’t had any issues of the pant legs falling down when I’ve got my legs in the air!  I could probably just add 3″ to future pairs and they’d be fine.

I sewed all the seams on my regular sewing machine first and then overlocked them.


I absolutely love these and they have been brilliant for yoga.  They are easy to move around in, the cotton jersey is comfy and warm, and I feel smart enough to wear them to and from classes.  The pockets are a great bonus feature as well.  I’ve just started a new class that is taught in a hall with a heated floor so I think I’m going to have to make myself a pair of the cropped Hudson’s to stop me getting too hot.

Total cost: £28.24

Fabric: 1.6m Cotton Spandex Jersey – Burgundy @ £10/m = £16.00

Pattern: Hudson Pants by True Bias (PDF) = £8.49 ($10 USD)

Notions: 1m of 2″ wide elastic and thread = £3.75